A 14-year-old boy made a video about autism to educate his classmates and teachers.



A man named Ben has autism.  He made a video of how he survived bullying.


Stand Up Message

Respect anyone who is a savant

Or on the autism spectrum or has Asperger’s syndrome.

Don’t bring them down.

They’re people like us.

Don’t misunderstand them.

Let them be.

Don’t grovel, let them come to you.  

The personality is underneath the disability.

Different is the new normal.

Stand up for autism!

There’s a can or a do, not a can’t or a don’t! No shame in being different. 

Being a person with both autism and diabetes has its ups and downs.  I do the best I can to sail through the waters smoothly.  I am a good person, a human being just like everyone else, not a hopeless case or a helpless person.  I am driven by motivation and determination to do something amazing, incredible, or tremendous (i.e. a career or learning a new skill)—overcoming the obstacles of my conditions.

Those of you who deal with both conditions, a diagnosis or discovery on either or both conditions is not the end of the world, you can still lead a normal life just like everyone else. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of success in whatever you do.  Don’t worry about other people say or think. People who discriminate or say incorrect things are wrong. They’re not in your shoes.

Diabetes may be a life and death disease, but don’t be scared if something happens like a high reading or something else. Don’t panic! Don’t get too stressed out. Zeus can hold onto his lightning bolts. Fear is the worst enemy. Autism causes stress, but that causes hyperglycemia. In a stressful situation, use a positive technique: stop and think. If you have a low reading or if something else is wrong, don’t be afraid to speak up! Take care of your diabetes properly. Do not do anything that will endanger your health. Improper healthcare equals death.

The keys to a successful life are bravery, confidence, and faith.

Be a warrior!