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Sensory Needs


Dr. Wendy Ross

Dr. Wendy Ross, a pediatrician founded a nonprofit company, Autism Inclusion Resources. The company teaches children with autism and their families skills that would make the world less scary. She was sad to hear stories about families avoiding social outings such as a ball game, a theme park, etc. in fear of having a disastrous outing. Ross also works with people who may encounter autistic individuals and their families. She educates stadium personnel, airline employees, and museum docents, making them aware of the challenges these families face.

Signs of Autism

The signs of autism are:

  • not responding to one’s name
  • no smiles or any other expression
  • not repeating words or phrases
  • loss of speech
  • stop talking
  • withdrawing away from other people
  • no gestures
  • throwing tantrums randomly
  • sensitivity to sounds, light, textures, touch, and smells
  • lack of emotion
  • flapping around
  • rocking back and forth

Here’s more on the early signs of autism in childhood:

How brain responds to hugs that could lead to a better autism diagnosis:

Woman diagnosed with autism at age 21:


Here’s a link of 8 steps of how to prevent an autism-elopement tragedy. If you have students, family members, or friends with autism, please be on a lookout on them. Don’t let the same thing happen like that kid in New York, Avonte Oquendo or any other tragic cases. If they forget, you should remind them to tell you where they’re going. Teach them in terms they understand.

A video in relation of the subject of children with autism wandering around:

I Had No Idea This Behavior Was So Common Among Children with Autism — Now I Know How to Help!