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I have autism, but high-functioning & Type 1 diabetes. I love reading, writing, music, & watching movies. I'm a library volunteer.

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If you need feedback or help on editing your autism informative blogs, I would be happy to help you for free. Or if you interested in helping me or giving me feedback on my autism informative blogs for free, that’d be fine. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hurricane Harvey stories

Here’s a link of how Hurricane Harvey impacted families with autism:


How Harvey impacted me:

I was scared and worried.  My neighborhood received a lot of rain. I was heartbroken when I heard some people lost their homes to Harvey.  Luckily, my house wasn’t flooded, but the creek near my house was. I once witnessed a rescue on the flood. Unfortunately, a library that I volunteer at was flooded. It’s closed until further notice.   I made a few donations to a couple of charities including the J.J. Watt fund and my library’s fund.