Autism Seminar Notes Part 9

Routine & Academics Issue #1

BEHAVIOR: Messy desk and losing homework 

Why is this occurring? Planning deficits, visual processing problems, & poor motor skills



  • Give the entire class an organizational review
  • In the AM, take time to walk the student through the process of getting materials out of a backpack, handing in homework, etc. then fade your prompts 
  • Have a peer buddy help father materials at the end of the day
  • Consider using an accordion file folder rather than 3-ring 
  • Copy teacher’s transparencies
  • Takes teacher/parent communication 



Routine & Academics Issue #2

BEHAVIOR: Inattentive/off-task or not following directions in and out of class

Why is this occurring? 

  • Too much verbal information
  • Difficulty terminating and transitioning
  • Auditory and visual distractions 
  • Daydreaming or shut-down due to sensory overload or fatigue 



  • Visual supports
  • Hand fidgets
  • Oral strategies 
  • Seat near the teacher or away from distractions 
  • Alert the student that directions are forthcoming
  • Check to ensure the student is starting assignment, art, or PE activity correctly 
  • Keep language simple and concrete
  • Allow time for processing 



Routine & Academics Issue #3

BEHAVIOR: Problems Riding on the Bus or in the Car

  • Student leaves his or her seat
  • Can be disruptive
  • Refuses to get on/off the bus or in/out of the car



  • Allow plenty of time in the morning for the student to engage in his/her routine
  • Provide something familiar to occupy the child (iPod, book, toy) for the ride to and from school
  • Give him or her a closed-ended task/game to play during the ride
  • Seat near the bus driver
  • Bring a friend to meet him or her or walk to the bus 
  • Bring a favorite item to carry back to the classroom upon arrival
  • Take something special home to “show and tell” to parents—don’t just put it in his or her backpack 

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