How to Tell Your Children or Nieces/Nephews About Your Autism

Generally, being a parent or a relative is not always easy. Don’t be afraid to tell your children, nieces, or nephews the truth about yourself. Honesty is the best policy. Tell them about your autism when they are old enough to understand. Or if you’re a relative, let the parents of your nieces or nephews tell them about your disability. Educate them and tell them that there is no shame in having a family member with autism. Give them time to come around and accept it. They will love you no matter what. 


Some people with autism would like to be parents. Despite the difficulties, autism doesn’t make them incapable. Most people with autism turn out to be good parents. Autism has nothing to do with the reproduction side. It doesn’t cause infertility.

Here’s a link of a pregnant woman with autism:

If people with autism wanted to adopt or hire a surrogate, they have to prove their capabilities.

Here are the links of parents with autism:

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