Stand Up Message

Respect anyone who is a savant

Or on the autism spectrum or has Asperger’s syndrome.

Don’t bring them down.

They’re people like us.

Don’t misunderstand them.

Let them be.

Don’t push them, let them come to you.  

The personality is underneath the disability.

Different is the new normal.

Stand up for autism!

There’s a can or a do, not a can’t or a don’t! No shame in being different. 

4 thoughts on “Stand Up Message

  1. We are not disabled. I never accepted that. It’s like saying that because fish cannot fly like birds, fish are disabled.


  2. I just read some of your blogs. I’m so sorry of what you have been through. You keep moving forward like I do. I have a friend with Asperger’s who’s also making the best of her life. Hers is different than yours. Dont let anyone bring you down. I try not to. To me, being both autistic and diabetic is difficult, but I’m doing the best I can to deal with both.

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