A message to ignorant people:

Do not discriminate against us: people with autism.

Autism is not contagious. It’s a developmental disability, not a disease or a mental illness. See the difference.

We are just people like you, not animals, robots, or objects.

We have names. Call us by them, not mean names.

Be extremely tolerant. Put up with our quirks.

Be nice, don’t bully.

Shame on you, bullies!

We are part of society. Let us in.

Do not make fun of us.

Do not make us feel like outcasts or outsiders.

All we want is respect and dignity.

Put yourselves in our shoes. What it’s like to be us?

If you can’t accept us, that’s your problem, not ours.

Elvis Presley’s words, “Don’t be cruel.”

In these cases:–abc-news-parenting.html

What I wrote on GMA link above:

I agree with the comments made for that post (I’m referring to the Broadway star’s compassion post). Those close-minded people were idiots. They should’ve been more tolerant instead of being cruel to the mother and her kid. As a high-functioning autistic adult myself, I’ve been to a few plays and none bothered me. Before I saw To Kill a Mockingbird play, my mother told me not to get upset at the scene where Atticus Finch shot the dog. During that scene, I didn’t react. I remained calm. Sometimes, a pre-show heads-up for people with autism would be helpful.

Another case, a bunch of kids made fun of Paige Morgan’s autistic brother, Adam. So, she wrote a book about autism to educate the kids.


Examples of kindness:


Another case: a teen with Asperger’s in the UK used a selfie stick to document daily bullying for the PSA.



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