Famous People with Autism

  • Dan Aykroyd, actor (maybe?)-Asperger’s and tourette’s
  • Sean Barron, journalist
  • Susan Boyle, singer
  • Michael Burry, stock hedge fund manager
  • James Durbin, American Idol Season 10 contestant-Asperger’s and tourette’s
  • Temple Grandin, animal rights activist/professor at Colorado State University
  • Daryl Hannah, actress-borderline autism
  • Courtney Love, musician/singer
  • Jason McElwain, basketball athlete
  • Alexis Wineman, Miss America’s Miss Montana-the first autistic contestant; PDD-NOS, a mild form of Asperger’s (quote: “I suffer from constant meltdowns if things get too stressful. I have problems understanding common sayings. I take things very literally. And I have trouble communicating at times”). Her coping mechanism is to pace around, which calms her and helps her focus.
  • Adam Young AKA Owl City, musician, singer-songwriter

Temple Grandin’s Secret to Success for Kids with Autism:


    • Famous People who have family members with autism:
    • Ed Asner is a parent and a grandparent of people with autism.
    • Daniel Baldwin’s son, Atticus
    • Toni Braxton’s son, Diezel.
    • Will Clark’s son, Trey
    • Gary Cole’s daughter, Mary
    • Doug Flutie’s son, Doug Jr.
    • Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter, Kathleen and his wife, Dee’s son, Alex
    • D.L. Hughley’s son, Kyle-Asperger’s
    • Jacqueline Laurita’s son, Nicholas
    • Nick Lachey’s brother
    • Joe Mantegna’s daughter, Mia
    • Dan Marino’s son, Michael.
    • Jenny McCarthy’s son, Evan.
    • Aidan Quinn’s daughter

Nikki Reed’s brother, Joey

    • Holly Robinson Peete’s son, Rodney Jr.
    • John Schneider’s son, Chasen

Jordan Spieth’s sister, Ellie

  • Steven Stills’ son, Henry
  • Boyz II Men band member, Shawn Stockman’s son, Micah
  • Sylvester Stallone’s youngest son, Seargeoh.
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s late son, Jett
  • Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams’ adopted son, D.J.

Daryl Hannah:

What an inspiration! Daryl Hannah opens up about her autism.

D.L. Hughley’s son:http://www.eonline.com/news/651103/d-l-hughley-breaks-down-in-tears-shares-an-inspiring-story-about-his-son-with-asperger-s-syndrome?utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=imdb_topstories


Inspirational People with autism: https://www.yahoo.com/news/top-10-inspirational-people-autism-205941882.html




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