Communication and Socialization

Communication and social skills are problems for people with autism.

iPads may help boosting skills in kids with autism.

A UCLA professor said the children used the IPad when they were engaged in play. It focused on helping them initiate conversation, using the iPad to comment on what they were doing. The iPad worked because it’s a visual stimulant with auditory feedback. For example, children would mispronounce a word, hear it pronounced correctly on the iPad, and learn to say it correctly.

Even though, it’s only a tool, it’s very efficient for some people with autism who have difficulties in speaking and communicating.

On the other hand, there are sensory friendly activities with apps that help children with autism. Social activities are very challenging when the noise level is high or the crowd of people is overwhelming when attending an activity. Coping skills are often nonexistent and parents and people get frustrated. Sensory friendly activities that control the noise level and limit the number of participants are very helpful to parents who are looking for fun activities for their child. Lights and sounds that are pleasing to children who are sensory challenged are great points to consider when looking for an activity. Examples: roller skating, movies, and bowling in sensory-friendly environments.

iPads also help improve language skills:


Another thing, it is EXTREMELY important for children with autism to learn how to read, write, and communicate like everyone else even if it’s difficult to do so.


A robot that teaches social skills:


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