Causes of Autism

People, please do NOT believe the fact that the vaccines are the cause of autism. It’s a myth. Excuse my language, but this whole autism-vaccine link and anything to do with age and career or whatever people are saying is BULLSHIT! I fully disagree with Jenny McCarthy and whoever says anything about the autism-vaccine link.

No matter what, Children should get vaccines to prevent illnesses. Vaccines are supposed to do that, not cause disabilities.

We do not know the actual cause or cure of autism, but the possibilities are genetics or prenatal birth.

Here’s a website about the mother of children who said stop using her kids to scare parents out of vaccinating and I agree with her:

Here’s a website about 5 things that do NOT cause autism:

Possible cause-more than 100 Genes:

5 Things that Scientists (not celebs) sat may cause autism:

There is a website that said there is no connection between measles vaccine and autism:

Breakthrough in cause of autism:

What Causes Autism (possibly):


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