Writers with Autism


  • Khali Raymond




  • Sean Barron
  • Michael Barton 
  • Jen Birch 
  • Mark Byrne 
  • David Finch 
  • Temple Grandin
  • Nita Jackson
  • Tyler McNamer 
  • Jean Kearns Miller 
  • John Elder Robison 
  • Liane Holliday Willey



  • Rudy Simone 
  • Me, myself, of course! 

Hurricane Harvey stories

Here’s a link of how Hurricane Harvey impacted families with autism:



How Harvey impacted me:

I was scared and worried.  My neighborhood received a lot of rain. I was heartbroken when I heard some people lost their homes to Harvey.  Luckily, my house wasn’t flooded, but the creek near my house was. I once witnessed a rescue on the flood. Unfortunately, a library that I volunteer at was flooded. It’s closed until further notice.   I made a few donations to a couple of charities including the J.J. Watt fund and my library’s fund.